Lesson Learned...

2016-01-29 11:49:05 by Marcorossi101

So because I was so excited to upload the last song, (since it's probably the first original I wrote) that I didn't bother to listen to it after I made the MP3. The result was a song that wasn't mixed properly so the solo was loud and obnoxious while the drums sounded flat, which I can assume is why it's rated poorly (that or the song just sucks). Anyway... lesson learned... listen to the song all the way through to make some tweaks or the whole thing goes to shit...

Also apparently updating the file on newgrounds only applies to the download, not what's streamed... meaning I'll have to reupload. ._. 

Well hello there people of Newgrounds and visitors alike!

My name is Derek also go by Marco.

I've been browsing newgrounds without my parents permission since I was about 10. I was such a rebel. I didn't make the account until god knows when... then I ended up making some music because I suck at flash and can't animate/program for shit. I've seen a lot of animators flourish from Newgrounds and seen some bands come and go. (More famously off of Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2 ;) ) So I felt I thought why not? Hope you guys enjoy what I make or recreate in the future. Hope to get to know some of you soon.